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YO! My Name is Yahya

I’m a family man, speaking coach and online business consultant.

In Greek my name means grandma. In Chinese it means duck-duck. In Polish it means balls - and no, not like basketballs or baseballs… Just keeping it real, lol.

Speaking of real, the true meaning of my name in Arabic is “alive”.

That's why I’ve made it my life’s mission to help other leaders like you become more...


Authentic | Likable | Influential | Vulnerable | Empathetic

"Whether on stage, call, video or podcast, becoming more A.L.I.V.E is the key to building an influential personal brand with raving fans."

I believe that when you fully come alive on stage, in person or on camera, that’s when the people you’re meant to serve feel magnetically drawn to you and pay you handsomely to transform their lives, regardless of how many followers you have.

And most importantly, that’s when you can start to have it all – the family, the lifestyle, the freedom, the legacy.

If you want to learn how to create a movement around your message...

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Elliott Hulse

Youtube Celebrity, Founder of Strength Camp and Author of King

"There is no greater way to express your gifts than through eloquent speech and emphatic expression. Yahya is a master of both. Let him show you the way to increased confidence and abundance through his expert speaker coaching programs."


Gerard Adams

The Millenial Mentor™, Philanthropist & CEO of Fownders

"I've gone from speaking to 300 people to 3000 people in a room. Not only did Yahya help me find my voice and get clear on my message, but also showed me how to grow my business with speaking. In my opinion, Yahya is the best millenial public speaking coach in the world."

Lewis Howes

New York Times Best-Selling Author, The School of Greatness

"Yahya is the type of person who cares deeply about others and adds value to them. Not only is he committed to supporting his family but he works hard to ensure others succeed in their goals."


Taki Moore

Author and Founder of Million Dollar Coach

"If you're looking for a speaking coach to help you captivate your audience on stage, in an interview, on a podcast or even in front of a camera, Yahya is your guy. He'll also help you monetize your message to grow your income. He's the real deal and I highly recommend him."

Discover how to Build a 6 to 7 figure coaching and speaking business

(While Growing Your Social Media Empire as a Celebrity Personal Brand)


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