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Elliott Hulse

Youtube Celebrity, Founder of Strength Camp and Author of King

"There is no greater way to express your gifts than through eloquent speech and emphatic expression. Yahya is a master of both. Let him show you the way to increased confidence and abundance through his expert speaker coaching programs."


Gerard Adams

The Millenial Mentor™, Philanthropist & CEO of Fownders

"I've gone from speaking to 300 people to 3000 people in a room. Not only did Yahya help me find my voice and get clear on my message, but also showed me how to grow my business with speaking. In my opinion, Yahya is the best millenial public speaking coach in the world."

Lewis Howes

New York Times Best-Selling Author, The School of Greatness

"Yahya is the type of person who cares deeply about others and adds value to them. Not only is he committed to supporting his family but he works hard to ensure others succeed in their goals."


Taki Moore

Author and Founder of Million Dollar Coach

"If you're looking for a speaking coach to help you captivate your audience on stage, in an interview, on a podcast or even in front of a camera, Yahya is your guy. He'll also help you monetize your message to grow your income. He's the real deal and I highly recommend him."

Josh Shipp

Founder of Youth Speaker University

"I watched firsthand as Yahya started his speaking career from scratch and built it into a truly impactful venture. If you’re looking for someone to help you clarify your message and become a world-class speaker, I highly recommend working with Yahya."


Keith Yackey

Founder and Creator of Finding Your Path

"Man… can Yahya really command a stage. If he’s going to be sharing with you exactly how to do it, I would be listening up very closely because he knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s been doing it for years and I’m sure he can help you do it as well."

Brandon Carter

Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur

"I asked Yahya to join me on my world tour because I’ve seen him in action and knew he would add a lot of value to my audience. He brought the house down!! One of the best speakers I’ve seen LIVE and I highly recommend him if you want to take your speaking game to the next level."

Shane Feldman

Award Winning Producer & Founder of Count Me In

"I’ve worked with 100+ speakers and influencers and Yahya’s ability to command a stage is unrivalled. His charisma, energy and quality content make him a true public speaking phenomenon. Yahya cuts to the core, genuinely engages, and most impressively he knows how to scale impact. If you are an entrepreneur, influencer or thought leader looking to reach more lives with your message, hire Yahya."


Chris Thompson

Podcast host of Brain Software & Co-founder of MMHA

"Yahya is an incredible storyteller and presenter and is more confident and congruent than I have seen almost anybody on stage. If you have a chance to train with Yahya, you absolutely should. I spent 5 days with him in Toronto and I learned tons from him. Train with the man."


Sterling Griffin

Founder of Wealthy Coach Academy

"I’ve met some heavy hitters in this industry and a lot of them just want to make a dollar, not a difference. Yahya truly is one of the most caring, most loving, most committed to service people I’ve ever met. He’s been such a giver at every level to me, to my clients and to my team. I highly recommend you work with him."

Dave Ruel

Keynote Speaker, Serial entrepreneur and Founder of

"I’ve witnessed Yahya in action and he’s the real deal. If you’re looking to grow your influence, impact and income with speaking, do whatever you can to work with him. Not only will he help you learn how to get paid to speak but he’ll teach you how to tell your story in a way that gets you a standing ovation. I highly recommend him.


Mike Mandel

Keynote Speaker and President of MMHA

"If you’re a speaker, entrepreneur or presenter of any kind…hook up with Yahya as fast as you can. We brought him into Toronto and he showed us exactly what we could do to kick our business into high gear. He’s a man of integrity and I can’t recommend him highly enough."


Anthony Galie

Keynote Speaker and Founder of Corporate Hypnotist Masterclass

"I’ve been speaking professionally for nearly 40 years in the corporate market and I thought I had pretty much seen it all. Well I was wrong. This is blew me away!! If you’re thinking about working with Yahya to take your own speaking business to the next level or have him come speak at your next event, I can’t recommend him enough. You’re in good hands.


Blake Fly

Speaker, Author & Co-founder of My Life Online

"I met Yahya at the start of his speaking career almost a decade ago. He was practically homeless. I’ve seen him surpass the expectations of everyone in his field both from a personal and financial point of view. I know without a shadow of a doubt he will teach you how to do the same."


Stefan James

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of Project Life Mastery

"Yahya is one of the most engaging, charismatic and confident speakers and leaders that I’ve ever come across. If you get a chance to work with him, do it. He will take you to the next level. I can’t recommend Yahya enough.


David Schloss

Founder & Advertising Specialist at Convert ROI, Inc.

"If you want to create an impact through your message, you need to work with Yahya immediately. He’s absolutely one of most confident and engaging speakers I’ve met, and he loves to help others prosper in their business and life. If you plan to level up in your speaking and business, Yahya is someone you need to talk to ASAP."